Clip keeping turning off


My 4 GB clip keeps turning itself off.

this can happen when listening to music or the radio or when connected to the PC. It has firmare 1.01.32.

the ‘goodbye’ screen isnt displayed, it just goes will usually turn straight back on again.

I have tried both formatting and resetting, but still no improvements.

Sometimes it can stay on for hours, othertimes, for just a few minutes.

It also seems to lose its charge overnight, so i’m not sure if its turning itself on during the night. or the apparent lack of charge could be becuase it isnt charging up properly when i charge it, because it keeps turning itsself off.

Is there anything i can do?

ok, ok, classical newbie post, i posted a question then found a (possible) solution.

as shown in this fuse post:

i connected in MSC mode and checked the disk for errors, and some errors were found!

I’ll keep you posted as to whether this fixes the issue…

Hope so, but it sounds more like the classical Clip battery lead problem.

Likely not a battery lead issue, as the player starts up again.  Hopefully, your fix will take. 

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Ah no, still got the problem!

what is this classical battery problem?

(Also i have noticed the goodbye screen is displayed when it turns off. it just likes to turn itself off whenever it fells like it!)

The battery lead issue:  it becomes detached so that there is no power when detached from a computer or other power source. 

Miikerman wrote:
Likely not a battery lead issue, as the player starts up again.

Good point; might be the beginning of the problem though as in a connection that is just starting to fail, possibly dropping the voltage down below a certain threshold intermittently. Then again, it could be a resistor somewhere failing. In any case, given the scenario it doesn’t sound good. :cry: