Clip Jam will not turn on even after trying all the suggestions

My 1 year old Clip Jam stopped playing and shut down while I was listening.  I’ve tried all the suggestions including holding down the power button, charging for an extending time, removing the micro USB, all to no avail.  When I connect it to the computer the device does not light up and is not visible to the computer.  Is there anything else I can do?

All I can say is keep trying the ‘hold the power button’ for 20 seconds, repeatedly. Literally count to 20 or 30 slowly each time, lift off, and try to turn on. If it fails, repeat.

I’ve had that work, but I haven’t had the Clip Jam ‘die’ nearly as often as previous Clip models. 

Good luck.

Possible solution?

Connect the player to a 1.0 amp charging adapter, via the micro USB cable.

Then wait a minute and try the 20-30 sec power button cycle. 

Maybe the battery is run down ?

On my Clip Jam, I try to prevent battery rundown by setting Power Saver -> 5 min.

    And I usually set Sleep to a desired time (30 mins?)