Clip Jam not playing when power cord plugged in

I like to listen to audiobooks when traveling in my car.  I would like to keep it plugged to keep the battery from running down.  However, when I plug the power cord in, I can’t play anything.  This is irritating.  Is there any way to change it so I can do this?

what are you plugging the power cord into? if it is a USB port on your card it may be trying to mount as an MSC device. If the Jam makes a data connection it can not be used as an audio device. You should be able to get a USB AC charger that plugs into the cigarette lighter port and use that to charge the Jam. If there is no data connection it can be used normally while charging. 

drlucky, thanks for your good reply.  Good news and bad news:  plugging into the cigar lighter with a usb converter worked.  Bad news, I’m getting a significant amount of engine ignition feedback.  You think some sort of filter would work?

it may but honestly I do not have any recommendation for you. 

If you are thinking about charging and playing your Clip Jam during a long car ride, what about trying one of those “mobile cell phone power banks” ? Then recharge both devices at the end of a long travel day.