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New member posting. Question may have been asked before but I have found on a number of occasions that when transferring some (but not all), downloaded double album cd’s from my itunes library onto my Clip Jam, while the first disc loaded will register with its title and tracklist, the second disc will sometimes appear mixed up with some other totally different album !

As an example and its done this twice now, the second disc of Steely Dan’s Reeling back the Years compilation appears mixed up with a Cat Stevens compilation ! I don’t know if it make any difference but in the Steely Dan case, I did transfer to my Jam, the second disc before the first.

Can anyone please explain why this should be ?

Regards Guido13

I can think of a few reasons why the Clip Jam (and Clip Sport) would not properly register the tracks from your 2CD album ripped by iTunes into the player Music database.

  1. iTunes saves music files from a compilation CD album (with one or more discs) in one or more Artist subfolders under the Music folder (depending on the artists listed as contributing to the tracks). Unless you identify the album as a “Compilation”.

  2. iTunes saves tracks from a multiple CD album with a variation of the normal iTunes filenaming system.

       Tracks from a single CD are named as 01 Name1,  02 Name2, etc.

       Tracks from a multiple CD album are named as 1-01 Name1, 1-02 Name2, etc  And then 2-01 Name1, 02-Name2, etc

       (The CJ and CS perform best with simple 2-digit prefixes of filenames.)

  1. iTunes uses a track numbering system that is not recognized by the CJ (and CS)

       Tracks are numbered as 1/12, 2/12, etc. (The CJ and CS work best with 2-digit track numbering, 01-99)


  1. iTunes uses a disc numbering system that is not recognized by the CJ (and CS)

       Discs are numbered as 1/1 or 1/2, etc.  The CJ (and CS) do not access this data in the ID3 tag.

  1. iTunes uses ID3 tag version 2.2 to manage the tag metadata.

       In my experience the Clip Sport performs best with mp3 files with ID3 tags using V2.3 (ISO-8859-1)

My personal solution to enable optimum Clip Sport recognition of CD tracks saved by iTunes is to make a copy of my original iTunes subfolder. Then I attempt to reconfigure the ID3 tag data of the tracks using the software “mp3tag”.

I think your question could provide a useful topic starter for other SanDisk player owners to contribute how they resolve this challenging problem.

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