Clip Jam just won't turn on - need help ASAP

I got my Clip Jam for Christmas and I love it, I take it everywhere with me and I’m always careful with it. Three days ago, though, I went to plug it in to charge because the battery was running low. I left it for about an hour and a half, which should have been enough to fill it back up. When I went to unplug it, the screen was black and it was just completely unresponsive. Won’t turn on, isn’t recognized by my PC, and nothing seems to work. I spent two hours that night reading through all the fixes that seem to work for everyone, with the hard resets and so on, leaving it alone a few days to ‘die’ before plugging it in for a few hours, but absolutely nothing has worked. It’s seriously making me mad, because now in less than 24 hours I’m going to be far from home on a weeklong trip that I was completely relying on having my player for. I’m desperate for solutions - please, if anyone can help me, it would be very much appreciated.

One of these methods always work for me with my oldeest Clip Sport.


Hold down on the Power/Select button and count to 25. Then release the button. If no response repeat the process. 


Connect the player to a 1.0 amp USB charging source (not a computer).  Best results with the original micro USB cable.

Hold down on the Power/Select button and count to 25. Then release the button. If no response repeat the process. 

When you see the SanDisk logo. allow to charge for 3 hours.

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I’ve done both of those dozens of times over the past three days and it’s still unresponsive

One more idea. Really sorry about your device.  

Maybe eject the micro USB memory card and try the 2 suggestions in my previous post.

Best Wishes

Thanks for the suggestion, but still nothing.

Insult to injury, the micro SD card springs out with so much force that it flew off somewhere and I can’t find it (which is another issue I’ve had with this player).

Wondering if I should toss this and not deal with SanDisk stuff anymore - years ago I had another SanDisk player crash in a different way and nothing was able to fix that either. It’s disheartening because it’s getting increasingly difficult to find good standalone MP3 players that aren’t iPhones or some garbage that requires iTunes and this was fitting my needs pretty ideally.

Really sorry to read about your problems with the Clip Jam.  I bought a few Clip Sports as backup resources for the travel scenario you described.  They are budget priced and the micro SD card allows you to recover the valuable audio files in case of final device failure (ouch).  Unless the eject button becomes super charged and launches the card into orbit.

Before buying & playing around with my Clip Sports, I bought a few iPod Nanos over the years.  These are way simpler to use for persons willing to learn all the quirks of iTunes software. My iPod problems are mostly related to declining battery hours and the inability to use more than one computer to feed & manage these devices.

I was skeptical, but the method of holding the power/select button for 25 seconds actually worked! Thank you!

I’m having the same problem and the 30 second trick isn’t doing anything.
Pretty sad for a brand new device in use for less than a week (gonna try returning it to Best Buy).
Sadly, it appears this 2017 Clip (bought in 2020) is a pale completely cheaped out imitation of versions that have come before it.
I’ve been loving my Clips since first getting one (then, two, three, four, five, etc.) in 2009 — especially since they’re FLAC compatible — but find every model “update” seems to make them a little worse.
This might be my last (although I don’t what I’ll replace it with). Buyer beware.