Clip Jam - Files not showing in Books folder but are in Internal Memory Folder

So I’ve been loading audiobooks onto Clip Jams for my kids for a trip we are taking.

It seems that when I get to a large number of books (but below the 2000 track limit), then not all of them display in the Books folder. I can see them in Explorer when the clip jam is plugged into the computer and I can see them in the Folders section of the Clip Jam (completely out of order)…

Why is this? Everything has been tagged correctly… 

I’m at a loss? 

I didn’t expect having an MP3 player for audiobooks to be so challenging…

Are the titles (in the ID3 tag) long? This can greatly reduce the 2000 track limit.

In addition to the audiobook database overload problem cited by Tapeworm, linear playback of audiobooks can be another challenge.

My current & best advice is to subdivide one audiobook collection into multiple sub-collections

      Album name Book 1A contains the first 99 tracks, numbered 01-99 (Filenames and Track Titles = %Track%-Book 1A)

      Album name Book 1B contains the next 99 tracks numbered 01-99 (Filenames and Track Titles = %Track%-Book 1B)

      Album name Book-1C contains the next 99 tracks numbered 01-99 (Filenames and Track Titles = %Track%-Book 1C)

      etc, etc

I can confirm two results:   THIS PLAN WORKS   *and*   IT REQUIRES EXTRA EFFORT !!!

I like to use the mp3 tagging software “mp3tag” with all the handy tagging commands built into the toolbar.

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