Hello I just bought the clip jam, is there a way to loop one track over continuously.?


Just use the REPEAT option.

I want to know if there is a way to repeat 1 track continously,

without pressing the repeat option.

Sorry, your logic and/or reasoning escapes me. If you’re wanting 1 song to repeat continuously, why would you not want to use the feature designed for that purpose? :confounded:

ok lol

this mp3  is new to me i guess i needed to be more specific.

does pressing the repeat button repeat the current track it is on continously.


There is no “repeat button.”

But yes, turning the repeat feature on will loop the song repeatedly.

to turn repeat on press the submenu button at the bottom of the Jam while the song is playing. it looks like four lines. In the submenu you will see an option for repeat. you can set repeat to Song, All, or off. If you want it to repeat the same song over and over set repeat to Song.