Clip is skipping on songs and on audio files

when I try to play music or audio files the song or audio file plays but it just skips through it sounding like a scratched record.  It will play like that to the end of the track and move to the next.  Soemtimes you can hear a word or a phrase but it is inteligible.

It is about 2 yrs old and was working fine and then  I deleted a couple book and downloaded some new ones form my usual source (Overdrive from my library) and now everything skips.  I tried reloading a couple of the books to refresh the media but it is still skipping. 

I don’t know the answer, but always wonder if the software has gone glitchy–you can try manually reapplying the firmware and see if that helps (see the firmware upgrde sticky thread at the top of this forum.  

First, I posted this to the wrong forum but I dont know how to move it. I have a clip zip.

I thought it might be a data error too, so I formatted the device and reloaded the firmware.  I have not had a chance to reload anything on the internal drive, (all my books were expired, thank you DRM, and will not reload) but my external card still has music on it and it is all still skipping.  Unless there is something wrong with the card too (which would not explain the skips previously in the internal drive), I am stumped and without a working player.

Can you tell us anything about the files that aren’t playing right? Maybe ther’e something about the format, bit-rate, source, ripping program, etc. that might give someone an idea.

wma and mp3 files from WMP and winamp -my music library purchased and downloaded from Amazon and ripped from CD via WMP- they played fine before and they currently play fine on my blackberry

Audible files and audio books from the library Overdrive program wma and mp3