Clip+ is renaming audiobook folders after uploading to 4GB SD card

I’ve had a 2GB Clip for over 2 years now.

I only use it for audiobooks and it has performed very well for me.

When I bought it, the consensus was that the battery had a probable life of about 2 years.

It is still going strong.

But, I have picked up a 4GB Clip+ just in case the old one decides to die unexpectedly.

The Clip+ appears to have the curent firmware [V01.02.15A]

So far I’ve found some disconcerting things that the Clip+ does or doesn’t do.

When I upload a folder to the SD card, after refreshing, it adds a nuimber to the folder name.


Name, Author’s - Book Title


xx0x0000_Name, Author’s - Book Title

Can this be stopped?

Then, when the old Clip is plugged in, an icon shows up on my PC’s taskbar.

When clicked on it shows the charge state of the battery, the amount of free space in the memory and allows browsing of the folders and files loaded on it all in one easy location, plus a few other things that I don’t use.

So far, this is not available for the Clip+ on my PC.

Can this be activated?

Using MTP mode or auto detect mode can cause many issues, especially when files are written to card memory. If you have copies of all the files on your pc and don’t use protected files, then I suggest you delete all the files on the memory card while it is in the player, then disconnect the player and format the player using the player’s menu(this will delete all the files on the player), Set the USB mode on the player to MSC, then reconnect the player and copy the files to the player again.

You should use MSC mode in USB mode from the setting

Ah, parsing.  Note that the Clip doesn’t annoy you with a “database refresh” every time you plug it in to the USB port?  In MTP mode, where the device is addressed as a media device, the player only refreshes the database if there has been a file transfer.

In MSC mode, where the device is addressed as a memory device, the database always refreshes. 

When using folder view mode to navigate, you can see one of the things that normally happens in the background: it appends the file with a reference number to make the database easier (read faster ) during subsequent operations.  This can make the device considerably faster when you have a large capacity microSDHC hard mounted.

The problem is, as you’ve found in folder mode, the ordering of files gets a little bizarre, with those leading numerics.  If you like using folder navigation, MSC Mode will bypass that change in filenames.  In MTP, we normally navigate by the ID3 tags , in effect “ignoring” the appended filename.  Refresh times are longer, but if you like navigating by folder, simply use MSC mode for future transfers.  Or, locate the file via the normal ID3 tag based method.

Bob  :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry about being so long in getting back on this.

I finally removed the micro SD card and am using the internal memory.

It works faster and better than the add-on card.

I have found other things that are not as they are on the old Clip 2GB.

But, I’m getting ready to take off for 2 weeks and will be back to address them when I get back.

Thanks for your help on this people.