Clip Hangs Up

I’d like some advice with my wife’s clip.  When she turned it on this morning, it just hangs up on the “four leaf clover” image.  It won’t go past this.  I’ve done the soft reboot (hold the switch up for 15 seconds) and this is the only way that I can turn the device off.  I’ve tried connecting to the computer in MSC mode by locking the power switch and holding the center button while plugging into the PC.  Occasionally, it will connect and be visable in “My Computer” but most of the time it doesn’t show up.  About half the time I get an error message about an “Unrecognized USB Device”.  I’m running Vista.  Any ideas anyone??

Weird, mine hung up on the clover image this morning also.  I got the player to bootup after playing around with it a bit, but then it told me that there wasn’t any music loaded on it.  I just ended up reformatting it and reloading my music on it.  Works OK so far.

Yeah, I’ve tired everything I can find on this forum from resetting to reformatting, changing modes from Auto Detect to MFC to MTP, trying it on different computers (XP vs. Vista), different cables, etc.  I finally gave up and called TechSupport.  They had me try reformatting using Windows and when Windows gave up on the reformat with an error, TechSupport gave up too!!  Since it’s under warranty, they’ll replace it for me.  Soo, that’s the final solution I guess…

I hate these unexplainable malfunctions–arggghhh!  Thankfully, SanDisk will send you a new player.