clip got slightly wet and is not working right

One of my kids received the clip for christmas and has been enjoying it. Sadly, it was plugged into the PC to get changed and another of my kids (the 3 year old), unplugged it and put it in her mouth.

It turns on… the menu says it plays but it does not make sound.  Some of the buttons do not work right either…The “home” button does nothing.

I tried to reset it (20 second hold power switch on) but nothing happens.

I am currently waiting for the battery to run out and seeing if that will help reset it once it charges.  

Do you think attempting a firmware update will help?    

I may just need to wait a while for all the liquid to be removed…    Ideas on getting it working again?

with a heat gun, I was able to get sound again… I see the water droplets on the screen…  I think a day or so drying may get the menu options to work better.

 Is their a good way to open this little guys up, so it can dry faster?  I can wait a couple of days and see what happens with closed air drying.

Eek… you shouldn’t have tried to turn it on.  That’s gonna come back to bite you. Don’t try turning it on again.

It needs to dry out for a long period (a lot longer than a day).  A search of the forum will give you more information.

it works fine now.  Just letting it dry out worked.