[Clip] Gapless.

I just picked up this player on Friday (huzzah for Best Buy, for once), and it’s incredible. Great sound, great size, great battery life, great interface, and a great price. Only thing I’m not liking is the lack of gapless. Granted, very few players have it, but… that’s a big thing for me. I started out with a Karma, and after a few years, moved onto a Rockbox’d Gigabeat (both gapless, by the way). So… is gapless something that’s even remotely possible on the Clip? Because otherwise, it’s a damned perfect player. I wouldn’t be asking, but the new chipset (I think it’s the chipset, at least) doesn’t allow for Rockbox (which is gapless) to be ported over easily.

So, am I just dreaming? Or is this something that could be done? I know I’m not alone in wanting this…

It’s been this long, and not so much as a response? I guess that’s another thing I could request–caring customer service. Perhaps something like the service given by the people at Trekstor (and formerly Rio).


not really sure they will add the feature you want but hey keep your fingers crossed.