Clip (& Fuze) will not play .ogg with special characters in title

First off, the addition of ogg and FLAC support has been very appreciated…thank you.

One issue that I have seen is that the Clip & Fuze will not play .ogg files which have any special characters in the title field of the vorbis comments.  Some examples which I have tested are parentheses and apostrophes.  After removing just these characters using EasyTag 2.1.5 (Ubuntu 8.10), the files play just fine.  No other modifications were made to the file.  It does not seem to care if there are special charaters in the album or comment field, though…these play just fine.

Any thoughts?

It doesnt matter the format. The players dont like those punctuations. Its a bug. It happens. I just leave them out, I dont think you actually read them.

Agreed, it’s not a critical feature…but likely a bug that could be addressed in a future firmware update.  It does seem to be limited to ogg…the source FLAC and transcoded MP3 play just fine.

This is not just an issue with OGG files - see this post.

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