clip + freezing @ FM radio menu

just purchased clip+; uploaded and am listening to audiobook just fine.  after turning clip+ off … then later on; of course the clip+ goes to the audiobook…but after I pause the audiobook, press menu, I scroll to FM radio the menu freezes…and by freezes I mean no buttons pushed by themselves or in combination gets the menu to change.  So the menu light and FM radio menu option stays lit until the battery wears out.  last time this happened (yesterday) I plugged the clip+ into the computer (while computer was on of course) hoping that that would trigger unfreezing, but alas that didn’t work…actually, the clip went unacknowledged by my computer…I then went to work (with the computer now off) and when I came back turned on the computer attached the clip+ & the clip started charging & working just fine…until this am when the above happened.

plz help to stop clip from freezing

also, can I use my cellphone charger (input 100-240v~50/60hz 0.15a; output 5.0v =550ma)  to charge the clip+…it takes for ever to charge via usb & I think this option would be faster

thank you

if it freezes hold the power button down for about 10 sec this should reset it.

tried that several times (as I read about that potential solution in other posts :slight_smile: & this case it does not work.

also, how can I prevent it from freezing again (that is if I can get it working)?

ahhh some thing wierd happened … I pressed the power button…it turned off…pressed on …it froze at sansa flower…pressed off it turned off…pressed on went to audiobook, went to audiobook menu, pressed house menu (little button under house)

clip+ then said “press the menu key to unlock” or something similiar to that…wow I didn’t know it could lock, so I did that & by golly I can now use the menu features & radio!!

so, that seems to be solved for now (although weird)

any answers to my cellphone charger question?

ahh the lock would do it for sure, glad you were able to figure it out. the cell phone charger should work no problem

thanks :slight_smile: