Clip freezes up all the time?

first i would like to say for the price i got it for im happy, its worked good for hours but about a few days ago it froze up. now it freezes up all the time playing a song, in the menu, picking a song when ever! it might play for an hour and freeze or be on for 2 seconds and freeze. is there a fix? thanks! p.s i did a forum search and didnt find any help to my prob

any one?

I never even got to listen to mine–it has been frozen and unrecognizable from the start.

Have you connected it to a Mac?

no never to a mac

Does it only happen on a particular song? 

Perhaps try formatting it (in Settings), and then resettting. 

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

no, any song any time. now i cant get it to stay on long enough to get to SETTINGS!

Does it lock up while connected to the computer? 

If you can, format it in WMP. 

I would try refomatting it, starting, as it were, from a clean slate.  (My TIVO needs this likewise, periodically.)

Force your device into MSC mode and format.  To get to MSC mode, put device in LOCK mode (slide the power button back) & press-n-hold the center button on your device while plugging in your computer.  Then you will see your device as a drive under windows explorer, and right click on the device and choose to format.  Try that to see if it fixes your problem.