Clip - forgot to disconnect before shutting off computer.

So, I downloaded the latest update this morning and installed it. Everything was groovy. I downloaded a new audiobook and was able to put it into the new audiobook folder. Again, everything was groovy. Then resulting in my complete dismay, I turned off my computer to head out to lunch and forgot to disconnect the Clip first. Now it appears completely dead.

I disconnected it and nothing. I rebooted my computer, reconnected the Clip and nothing. I disconnected the Clip and still nothing.  

Suggestions? Other than smacking myself silly… 

Can you re-set the Click?  Hold the on button in the upmost position for 10-15 seconds (or more).

I had tried that before lunch with no luck. I just tried to turn it on in a normal fashion and it turned on without any trouble. The problem now, which I’ve had in the past when things have gone wonky, is that I have no sound. I tried playing the newest book download and there was about three seconds of sound and then no sound at all. And, to make things more annoying, if I try to play any other book, it snaps back to the first book chapter automatically…still with no sound.

The solution to this business in the past was to remove the book files and download them again.  I had hoped that the new firmware was going to solve this for me. Drat.

Thanks for your help.  

Now I’m completely confused. I turned the Clip off and reconnected it to the computer. It instantly started playing a random audiobook. I can hear the book play while it’s attached to the computer. I don’t remember that I was able to do that while it was charging in the past. I removed it from the computer and it’s playing. I can’t get back to the main menu where I can choose the music folder or audiobook folder, but all of the books are in music so that part is ok with me.

It’s working and I have sound again, but I have no idea why. 'tis a mystery.

have you tried to format the CLIP?

Also (i hope it helps you) try to downgrade the firmware (for example ver 01.01.20)