CLIP+ Folder Creation Somewhat Flaky under Linux...

LOVE the new toy! Very slick piece of hardware, but I’ve noticed when I mount the thing on a Linux system, my own folders don’t always show up after the next refresh. However, I find that if I force a refresh via some trivial file change, the updates that got missed the first time around finally get picked up…weird. Not sure of the root cause, or even how to exactly repro the issue(s); it just seems that user folder creation / naming is slightly “borken.”

Actually, I originally plugged the thing into a Winbloze laptop and noticed that my created folders were all called “new folder” even after being renamed–heh. After that, I’ve written to the device exclusively under various Linux distros with slightly better results.

I wonder if I’m dismounting too quickly after making file system edits. If so, the expected behavior should be for the screen to echo “still busy…don’t unplug me yet!” or at least “writing.” But, every time i’ve dismounted, it’s only after waiting until the screen is just displaying “connected.” Owell, for my next experiement, I’ll let the thing sit plugged for 10 mins or so after editing…maybe that’ll help. In any case, these are minor annoyances that don’t really detract much from what I think is a VERY kewl little device!

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How are you manipulating the filesystem and dismounting it?  Do you get the same issues using the command line?

I’m a Linux user too.  Make sure you have the USB mode on the CLIPP+ set to MSC.

Then treat it as you would a thumb-drive . . . don’t just pull it out.

Ubuntu Karmic (9.10) now has an option to “Safely Remove Device”, that’s what I use.

It’s kewl…

I just started leaving the thing attached for a bit longer, and that solved the issue.  Great player!  I popped a 4GB expansion card in it, and my system recognized it no problem, and read / write performance is quite good.

–happy  :smileyvery-happy: