Clip+ firmware update

The player is acting up after 18 dys of ownership.  All my content is in “Podcasts”. When I select that the 1st listing is “Unknown”. When I select that it lists all the podcasts. When I select one to play, it just scrolls through all the titles repeatedly, and none will play.  I’ve reset several times.  Tried downloading the firmware to my iMac, it seemed to work even though the website says Mac is not supported (how can that be, anyway?).  I now have on my screed a Downloads window containing 2 items: a document called “SensaUpdaterInstall.exe” (352Kb) and a folder called “clipplus01” (18.3 Mb).   I have a problem following the rest of the directions, because I don’t know what “unzip” means and I don’t know what the root file is.  It also may be pertinent that when I plug the Clip+ into my computer and open it on my desktop, it lists all the contents 3 times. 

Thanks for any help,

Mike the not quite Luddite in Tucson

A few things:

– As a general matter, the Clip lists files using the files’ ID3 tags–are yours filled in? (If not, you get the Unknown.) Exceptions for files stored in the Clip’s Podcasts or Audiobooks folders, in which case the folder and file names are used; and where the genre ID3 tag is set to Audiobook or Podcast.  Also, you can navigate by folder and file by choosing the Folders option at the bottom of the Clip+'s Music listing.

–  Are your files in a format the Clip can play?  Most specifically, the Clip does not play aac files (which are very typical on Apple devices). 

–  Sometimes, transferring files from a Mac can cause problems for a Clip, as the Mac also may create and transfer data files that choke the Clip.  There are a couple of ways to avoid this (you can search for the methods here)–use of Internet freeware Kopymac can be used to transfer your files from your Mac and avoid the data file issue.

Likely, no need to use the Sansa Updater (which will download the latest firmware), as my hunch is, the issue is in the above. 

Oh, and do be sure that the USB mode on your Clip, under its settings, is set to MSC mode–needed for a Mac.

Thank you, Miikerman, you are a guru.  In order, no, I  didn’t fill in the ID3 tags, because i don’t know what they are, and don’t know how to fill them in.   The only thing I loaded into the player were podcasts, and I put them all into the Podcasts folder.  I guess they’re “files”.   I played them all by selecting “Podcasts” in the Clip - until they stopped playing and it just keeps scrolling through the list whenever I try to play one.

The only type of files I put in it were MP3s.  

I don’t understand what you said about Mac creating & transferring data files - is that in addition the the MP3s I download into it? But I’ll try getting the KopyMac from Cnet that you recommend.

I discovered a new problem: When I opened the clip on my desktop, there was the list of folders; the only one with any contents was  “Podcasts”.  At the end of the list is the word “Clip” again, and under it, the whole list of folders again, then “Clip II” and then the whole list of folders again. In both of those, the Podcast folder had duplicates of everything in the 1st one. I deleted the 2nd Clip and the Clip 2, and all the podcasts in the Podcast folder.  Then I checked the player, and it still had a bunch of podcasts in it that hadn’t been on the list that was on the computer screen.  I think I’ll just take it back to Best Buy - it seems to have something serious wrong with it.  Thanks for your help.

Mike S.

ID3 tags:  pieces of data put into music or spoken word files that identify the files by categories of information, typically artist/author, track name, genre, year, and album/audiobook/podcast series name.  Sometimes files come this way, with the tags pre-filled in, from whomever created the files.  Modern players use this information to create a database of the files on the player, that you can use to choose music or spoken word files from, under categories such as artist, song titles, genre, year, etc.  If your files don’t already have the ID3 tags filled in, you can use Internet freeware such as MP3Tag, a tag editor, to add the information; Microsoft Windows also will edit the tags.

Like other players, the Clip+ uses ID3 tags to display what’s playing and to allow you to choose what to play.  You also can choose what to play on the Clip+ without the use of ID3 tags, by using the Folders option at the bottom of the Clip+'s Music listing–navigation there is done by folder and file names, just like on your computer.

The Mac issue (note:  I’m not a Mac guy–this is based on what I’ve learned here):  when a Mac is used to copy and transfer music/spoken word files to a device, the Mac automatically, in addition to copying and transferring the files, creates and transfers small data files that Macs use for some purpose or other–“ghost” files.  These extra data files cause the Clip to choke.  Windows users don’t have this issue, as Windows-based computers do not create and transfer such data files.

My hunch is, the issues you are having are being caused by your Mac. 

My recommendation would be, first, to clean up your player and erase the files on it–if you use the Format option under your player’s System settings, it will erase all the media content on your player.  And then second, if you are using a Mac, use Kopymac to transfer files to your player (and it seems to be an easy program to use)–this may answer all your issues, easily.  (Or, of course, you could use a Windows-based computer, or one using Linux, to transfer files to your player, to avoid the issue to begin with.) 

You also can use something called dot_command, a command built into Macs, to clean up the extraneous file situation–here is a thread about that (and you can use the search box at the top right to find many others).

I hope this information helps.   :slight_smile:

How to live in peaceful harmony when coexisting with a Mac and a non-Pod

Thanks  - I appreciate all of your trouble, and your explanations. I definitely had the USB setting on MSC.   I couldn’t figure out WHERE to fill in the ID3 tags. I guess my podcasts all have them - in iTunes, I select Podcasts and there is a list of names of radio programs I’ve downloaded, and under each title a list of the shows with date, time, size, artist, album, genre (all “Podcast”), and, for all but “Fresh Air” and “Talk of the Nation” -  category.  When I got the Clip+, the 1st thing I did was download the owners’ manual.  It’s not too specific about putting music into the player, and doesn’t mention any of the problems dealt with in the article linked by Tapeworm, below. (For which thanks, Tapeworm).  So I just plugged it into my computer, opened Clip, opened iTunes, and dragged & dropped the programs I wanted from iTunes into the Clip’s Podcast folder.  For the 1st 10 days or so, it worked fine - the player showed the title of each program - Not “The Dianne Rheem Show” or “Fresh Air”, but the abbreviated title of the particular episode, describing the topic of discussion.  Then I realized that, though I’d been deleting each one as I listened to them, and confirming each deletion, they weren’t deleted - the shows I’d heard and (I thought) deleted were still in the player and coming up again; I deleted each one several more times, but never got rid of them. I know I was doing it correctly, exactly according to the directions.  Then I went to play a group of shows that were on the player under the title “Unknown”.  They were audio podcasts (MP3) of a TV show, “Real Time”.  When I highlighted Unknown and pressed the R scroll, a list of the names of the episodes would show up, just like it had with the earlier shows. But now when I had the 1st one highlighted and pressed select or Right  it started scrolling crazily through everything on the player,  including all the shows I thought I’d deleted.   None of the buttons would stop it right away, but after several pressings of all of them it would finally highlight “Back to Podcasts”.  When I pressed select or Left or Right arrow, it would start the crazy scrolling again. When I plugged the player into the computer again, there were 3 duplicate lists of folders - the original, a 2nd one named Clip, and one named Clip II.  All 3 had the list of radio shows I’d deleted repeatedly in the Podcasts folder, but there was no Real Time anywhere to be found.  I deleted (on the computer) all the podcasts and the 2nd Clip and the Clip II and all the duplicate folders, and unplugged the player.  It still showed all the Real Time episodes, and some other titles I didn’t recognize & never heard of.  I took your advice and formatted it, and that did clear everything. I tried downloading KopyMac with the CNet link you sent me and with one to in the article  Tapeworm linked below.  Each one looked like it was starting to download, but then the window disappeared and a new one flashed open that just said “DNS Error”.   I’ve tried downloading from both sites several times with the same result.    I tried loading content into the Clip again, this time from Finder, instead of directly from iTunes, as described in the coexisting article.  Everything looked fine, I had a list of podcasts in my Clip. But when I selected one to play, the same thing happened - it just start scrolling through the titles, really fast, and none of the buttons would stop it.  So I formatted it again, packed everything up, got out my receipt, and hied myself off to Best Buy and got a refund.  The clerk didn’t seem at all fazed by my description of it’s behaviour.  I guess he thought I was making it up.   Any way, I guess I’ll start saving up for an iPod - my trusty old Palm Pilot is also on the fritz, and I need the scheduling and phone directory capabilities even more than its MP3 player.  Plus we can use it for email and online banking & bill paying during  a lengthy upcoming trip, instead of having to buy a laptop to take with us.  

Thank you both for your time and for being so willing to share your knowledge and expertise.


Thanks for your thanks, but an easy solution above …