Clip+ firmware update 1.02.09 - Is SanDisk In Denial That Gapless Doesn't Work On The Clip+?

I’m very disappointed that SanDisk failed to fix gapless for the Clip+ with this firmware update. They didn’t even mention it under the “known issues” section of the firmware update release notes (see below). Is SanDisk in some kind of denial that the gapless feature does not work on the Clip+?  Do they think that their customers are not tech savvy enough to understand what gapless is and notice that it doesn’t work on the Clip+?

Gapless is not an extra feature that is listed on some music geek wishlist. The product was advertised to feature gapless, and gapless is listed in the user manual.

While gapless may not be important for some, I think it is inarguably bad business to leave customers hanging and waiting for a feature that SanDisk stated was functional right out of the box and with original firmware. 

I hope that SansDisk does right by their customers and fixes gapless for the Clip+ with the next firmware update. 

Sansa Clip+Firmware 01.02.09 Release Notes

This firmware has several bug fixes and enhancements, as listed below. Upon completion of firmware upgrade, the device will turn off. Power on device to complete the upgrade process. If device does not initiate or complete, press & hold the Power switch for 10 seconds to reset the deviceand then release and press again to restart.

• ReplayGain parsing is improved
• Playback performance of mono WAV and FLAC files is improved
• Max volume level is lowered in Normal volume setting to comply with new European Union requirement

Bugs Fixed:
• Channel number doesn’t change when skipping channels in Audible playback
• Some language strings are in English
• Volume cannot be changed outside of playback screen
• Audiobook and podcast counts are not correct in Info screen
• Device randomly freezes during slotRadio card insertion
• Device hangs during playback of corrupted OGG files
• FM audio is lost following microSD card insertion

Known Issues:
• Refresh database progress bar doesn’t scale with time
• FM signal is weakened during FM recording
• Powering off device is not available during Locked state
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