Clip+ firmware inferior to Clip firmware?!


My daughter used to have a 2gig Clip but unfortunately she lost it - so I got her a new Clip+. Being a Mac user I now discovered that a feature of the Clip firmware does not seem to be available in the Clip+ and that’s really annoying. 

It the creation of “ghost” files that start with ._ - the Clip was able to simply ditch them when starting up. I know that it’s possible to use something like KopyMac but I honestly don’t want to use an additional app.

This is a quote from the Clip FAQs describing the issue I’m referring to.

NOTE (applies only to older versions of firmware): Copying files to the Clip on a Mac created extra files on the Clip and you would see them on the Clip display. If you are using an earlier firmware, you need something like the application, KopyMac to prevent this during copying. With the latest version of the firmware, this problem is eliminated.

Any chance that this can be implemented in the new firmware? Otherwise I really would have to look harder for the classic Clip or get her an iPod (yuck).