Clip Firmware Failing (won't turn on / format)

Hi guys,

I updated to .135 on Wednesday.

After ten minutes of use it disconnected.

I plugged into USB and it seemed to jolt back into life.

It went for 5/6 hours thereafter fine. When plugged back into computer it froze on the ‘flower’ load screen.

Disconnected until it powered off and tried again. Same issue.

Now will not show anything on screen. Have tried connecting in MSC/using home button and centre button.

Will not even format the drive now. I’ve only had this Clip a month or two, but don’t have the warranty notice (eBay refurb).

Since the firmware was upgraded, I’m not sure if this will be covered. Have you tried to rolled back to the previous version and see what happens?

Try resetting it. Press and hold power button for 20-30 secs. Release, then press power button again momentarily to turn it on. It should now start up normally.