Clip+ Double Downloads

Big problems; maybe someone can help. 

When I download, although everything appears correct on my Rhapsody screen, once I disconnect my Sansa Clip+, each song has actually been written twice.  Furthermore, all of the previous songs on my Clip have been overwritten, and replaced by the new songs (although again, there was no evidence of this on Rhapsody prior to disconnect). 

Clip is a new unit from Christmas.  Everything appeared okay until the battery ran down the first time.  Upon reconnecting to a USB port for recharging, my Clip+ locked up and i had to reset by holding the power down for 15 seconds (as described in the manual).  Since then, all has been haywire. 


Last couple of downloads have just been double downloads without the deletions of the rest of the songs on my Clip+. 

Is this progress?

Please someone help…

You may want to telephone SanDisk Customer Service about this.  In the U.S.:  1-866-SANDISK (726-3475).  And other SanDisk contact information:

Is it possible that you have a µSD card installed in the Clip+, and you’ve transferred identical tracks there?  If you have two copies of a song, the internal memory version will list, then the card’s version.

If there is a card mounted, try removing it and allowing the database to refresh on the Clip+.  Check for duplicate names on the device.  In Songs view mode, tracks on the µSD card will have a little card icon next to them.

If you connect in MSC mode, you can then try deleting the mtable.sys file from the Clip+ (only visible when connected in MSC mode).  This is the datsbase file.  When the Clip is disconnected, the file will be built from scratch by the Sansa.

Be sure to reset the device to MTP mode again for Rhapsody.

If you still have duplicates, you can try formattting the Clip+.  Use the device’s built-in Format command, Settings > System Settings > Format > Yes.  This will erase all media from the device.  Then try retransferring your Rhapsody tracks.


Deleting the mtable.sys file fixed my problem.  Thanks for the help.