clip dont have root directory

hi i have the old sansa clip 2g with radio  I have  lashed something up after format because it was acting stupid It now on charge through laptop shows connected but when i  explore on the laptop it doesnt show anything  other than chinese writing and no root directory IW hen i plug it into 13 amp usb adapter through mains i get all settings /music/ record radio and system info which is VO1.01.18F yet when i unplug all goes blank and it wont switch on  Is there anything i can do to restore it back to factory setttings


ps i have held the power switch up for an age

Could be a battery connection has come unstuck. You would need to unpry the back of the case.

Quick question, if we need to open this up, do we have an online tutorial for the step by step process?

People have posted their best methods here and at the Clip forum.  Try a search for them (perhaps using the word pry, as people explain their recommendations for prying the shell casing apart).

Yep, people have posted here and, especially good, at the Clip forum–try a serch on the term “pry,” people explaining how to pry the shell apart.