Clip doesn't work at all

Please help.  Despite following directions my clip simply doesn’t work.  When plugged in (Windows XP) all it says is “connected.”  Battery indicator is full but when unplugged and turned on says battery is low.  I have read other posts and can’t even get the clip to turn off/hold until it appears orannge (as early suggested.)  Have tried installing latest update and all goes well until I hit the final “finish” and then the screen turns off.  I am completely perplexed and any help you can give is appreciated.  (I am eager to stop using my handheld cd player…looks quite archaic!)

Your Clip could be ‘frozen’ on a blank screen.

Hold the Power button on for 30 seconds. Release the button then turn the Clip on with the power button.  The Clip should now come up to the menus. If it does not, please tell us what Service Pack your XP has.