Clip doesn't seen to work

I have a problem that seems similar to some of the others. My Clip was working originally, I put some music on it, it worrked fine. Then it suddenly stopped working, it switched on but seemed to hang on the loading screen. It said it had a malfunction when I connect via simple USB. I’ve managed to connect it via MSC mode and put the latest firmware on it and disconnected but it seems to hang on “Firmware upgrade in progress” I left it on that screen for over half an hour and it just seemed to be stuck on it. I’m assuming that’s not normal? The battery ran out eventually so_ I currently have it charging in MSC mode. Can anyone give me any tips? I’m a bit annoyed by how temperamental the Clip seems to be._

Reformatting via the Clip’s settings sometime can help with the inexplicable.

Also, a bootstrap tug, in the form of a Reset, does wonders.  Slide the power switch to the spring-loaded ON position and hold it up for 10-15 seconds, then try a restart.

If the “soft” reset doesn’t work, Miikerman’s format idea is the hot ticket.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: