Clip doesn't exactly work.

Ok here’s what happens. I do one of two things and the same thing happens. Either I hold the on button for a while or I plug it into my computer. It turns on with the wonderful sandisk logo. Wheee. Then absolutely nothing else happens. It won’t turn off, it won’t let me play songs. It just sits there with that beautiful sandisk logo until the batteries die and it turns off.  When I plug it into the computer, windows won’t recognize it so I can’t install the firmware thing.  What do I do to make it continue past that great sandisk logo and for windows to recognize it.

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Try this: with the Clip OFF, slide the power switch down to the hold/lock position (orange showing).

While holding the center button depressed, plug in to your computer.  See if the display shows “connected”.

On the computer, open a Windows Explorer window by pressing [Windows key] + E, or go to My Computer.

Is the Clip shown as a flash drive?  Double click on it to see if you can access the root directory.  You will see a series of folders here, Music, Albums, and a few files.  The Explorer “box” in this view represents the root directory.

You will see a file here called version.sdk. Don’t edit this file, just right click, and open the file with Notepad.  Here’s a sample file:


Product: Clip
FW: V01.01.32A
Region: Americas

The FW line shows this as a revision 1 Clip.  Note that the version begins with 01.  Close the file.

Then go to this thread for a new copy of the Clip Firmware.

Follow the directions for manual installation, and download, then unzip, the firmware to your desktop.  Drag and drop the m300a.bin file to the Windows explorer box (root), but DO NOT place this binary file into any of the folders.

Once the file is transferred, slide the hold switch back to OFF, click on the safely remove device icon in your taskbar (bottom of the screen), and unplug the Clip.

The Clip should display “firmware upgrade in progress”, and should now work normally.  Try powering it up.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: