Clip does WMA audiobooks but Clip Zip won't

I have an old 1Gb Clip & a 1 yr old 4Gb Clip Zip. Both were doing the WMA audiobooks from the library via Overdrive until a week ago. I started getting an error msg Unable to insert the selected title, error 0xc00d2772 problem has occurred obtaining the devices certificate. I even get the msg when I try to listen to a book that I’ve listened to before. None of the books I’m testing are out of date/expired. The date & time on both players is set correctly. I have uninstalled and then reinstalled Overdrive. I have made sure all my software is fully up to date (Overdrive, Firefox, Windows Media Ctr).  I have formatted both players with Fat format on the pc and then immediately formatted thru the players. I have both set to MTP mode. I downloaded a new WMA book to see if that helped. Today, after removing & reinstalling the Overdrive software and downloading another new book, the Clip started working again. The Clip Zip still has the same error messages. The Clip Zip is the important one to me since I rely on the micro sd card for capacity. Can anyone help me!?

Storing protected files on card memory can be problematic.  Try moving your unprotected music to card memory, and use the internal memory for your overdrive files.

I tried that and it doesn’t matter where I try to put them. I even tried removing the external memory and then load a book. Still no go. WMA audiobooks will not load anywhere on the Clip Zip. Until a week ago they loaded into internal or external memory.

If you are using Windows 7 you could try deleting the player in the control panel devices and printers. If that doesn’t help, I guess you could try reinstalling Windows Media Player 12(or 11 if you have older Windows). Check again to make sure the usb mode is on MTP.