Clip Does Not Come On Even In Wall Charger

Have a 1 GB, 2 GB, and 8 GB SansaClip. All purchased around Feb 2009. No problem with any until today as far as function. Problem is with the 2 GB clip.

Turned on - did not light up. Thought I may have left it on somehow and discharged battery. Plugged into wall charger and it did not come on. Been in charger an hour and still hasnt come on as it usually does when plugged into charger or PC. Tested others in charger and they both do light up.

Any ideas or suggestions???

OK, problem SOLVED, or seems to be. I had read this before but I had forgotten about it.

After posting i started reading other posts with similar proble. Read the one where holding on switch up 20 seconds would reset.

Mine took 30 seconds but then it came on. Sorry for pemature panic button post. Mind goes blank when problem occurs.

Guess I will review the posts for things faded from memory.

Thanks so much – mine did the same thing, and this solution worked. Although I had to hold the one button for about a minute, release it (still nothing on the screen), and turn it on again. Now it works fine.

Is this something to do with using a wall charger, does anyone know? This hasn’t happened with the charge from the computer. I don’t want to shorten the clip’s life by using the wall charger.

The Clip never sleeps, it sips just enough power to maintain its current status.  I’ve tested the devices after resting undisturbed for over six months, and after a charge, we’re in business again.  If the device is frozen, meaning that it has run into a corruption in a music file, or a glitch in operation, it won’t start up.

Performing the soft reset by holding the power switch in the ON position for 20 seconds or so causes the device to reload the status from the last successful shutdown of the Sansa. 

It’s scary when the device “plays possum” and appears to be dead.  The reset is your friend!

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: