Clip DAC 16 or 24 bit?

I have done a lot of reading on the Clip in the forums and other places, and so far haven’t been able to find this information.  Can anyone give some information on the specs of the DAC that the Clip uses?

18 bit DAC w/ 94dB"A" SNR

There’s a link to the SOC feature sheet referenced in a few threads here, search “AS3525” and “SOC”, you’ll find it

Hey if it’s capable of up to 94 dB as you mentioned can I use to mp3gain to up the overall average decibles of a CD to 94 and have everything run smoothly?

I think you misunderstand.  The SNR (Signal to noise ratio) is 94 dB.  That means that on average the signal (music) is 94 dB louder than the electronic background “noise”.  It’s not a rating of how loud the music can get.

emarkd - thanks. There sure are a lot of misinterpretation of technical specifications. Anyone want to buy some oxygen-free gold plated super-conducting headphone adapter plugs? Guaranteed to improve your listening pleasure (if you know what to listen for) :rolleyes:

The output power is stated in the data brief available on AMS’ website, also I’ve posted it here on the forum; do a search as I’ve said above, or google the data brief…