Clip+ Crashes Windows XP

When I attach Clip+ to a USB port, I get this message “The device “SanDisk Sansa Clip+” was unable to connect to its ideal host controller.  An attempt will be made to connect this device to the best available host controller. This may result in an undefined behavior for this device.” Then when I try to transfer music files (or even try to view files on the Clip+), Windows XP crashes.  This always happens.

If you’re not currently doing it, you might want to try setting your Clip’s USB mode, under settings, to MSC mode, which tends to play well and better with computers.

Thank you very much.  I still get the same “non-ideal host” message when I plug it in, but it doesn’t crash Windows.

Well, you’re getting there, slowly but surely! :wink: A next thing to try might be, go to the Windows Device Manager and uninstall/unauthorize the Clip drive (you may need to have the Clip connected at that point), and then disconnect and then reconnect the Clip–this might cause Windows to start all over and establish the connection criteria again. Other possibilities would be to reset the Clip (hey, it can’t hurt)–hold the on button down for 20-30 seconds, or more; and/or to reformat the Clip from its settings (although this will erase your Clip’s content). And if there is another computer around that you can connect through, you could reapply the latest firmware (see the firmware upgrade sticky thread at the top of the forum) in case there is some corrupt firmware code there, which can happen over time. Good luck!