Clip+ Constantly refreshing database

I’ve been listening to an Audible book with no problems.  Today when I turned Clip+ on it said refreshing database; there was no reason it should have done this.  While listening to

my book it stopped and began refreshing data base again.  Did it again when I reset the book and happened to touch the center button.  

It has not been on my PC and I’m several hours into the book. Whatever is going on?

Donna in AR

Need to set the record straight.  It did not say refresh database but rather refreshing your media like it does after a download.  This did occur in the middle of a book file

not once but several times.

Oddly enough it hasn’t occurred any more after a re-charge.  It may be something to do with the status of the battery.  On my Clip+ it’s is hard to tell if it needs a charge

until suddenly the lightning bolt symbol will appear and the battery is gone.  I’m not happy about that and have never experienced  a sudden outage on my older clips

although their battery indicators are not very accurate they don’t just quit all of a sudden.

I’m sorry to say that I’m finding several difficulties with Clip+ as above.  I re-tested its Audible readiness and its Chapter Mode does not work except to rewind but the chapter numbers do not change as they do on my 2GB clips;  in addition it does not change automatically from one book part to another but must be manually changed.  There is a

serious need for a firmware update to fix these and numerous other problems that have been discussed on this list.

Donna in Arkansas

The Chapter Mode bug has been noted with Audible .aa (Format 4) and .aax (Enhanced) files.  Note that the chapter does advance, but the status line will constantly display chapter 1/n.  This will be resolved in a firmware update.


That’s good to know.  Thanks.