clip+ compatible with Transcend 16gb class 10?

Hello everyone,

As I am trying to find more storage for my songs as well as alternative storage for my phone, I found a Transcend 16gb class 10. My question is, would this card be compatible with the clip+?


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It should be. But every now and again, a card won’t work. Hence, I wouldn’t buy unless I had a return or other-use option for the card, should there be an issue (I assume that there won’t be, with this card, as it’s from a major manufacturer–but every now and again . . . .) Of course, you don’t need a Class 10 card–the Class speed only makes transfers to/from the card faster, not playing from the card when in the Clip+. But if the price is at or close to the price of a Class 2 through 8 card, of course, go for it!