Clip+ charges but wont power on

My Clip+ charges but it will not power on when its not connected to a PC or Mac (so its worthless because it wont play music when charged).

Its a 2gb one that I’ve had for probably 2months, but its not worth sending it back to get fixed cuz it only cost about $25

It says its charged fully, I’ve tried to hold the power switch for 15-30seconds, it wont come on

First, try a longer reset, up to 2 minutes.

If it still refuses to turn on, call SanDisk Tech Support. If it’s deemed defective, they will replace it under warranty. They do not repair defective units. Even if you did buy it for only $25, if it was new the warranty applies and if it is not working correctly, you deserve a replacement. If you live in the US, no shipping expense to either get the replacemnt or send the defective one back should be charged to you. SanDisk ususally covers this.

And at least in the U.S., SanDisk will cover the postage both ways. Definitely worth it to contact SanDisk–and best to telephone rather than email (faster and less frustration).