Clip+ battery charging and accumulator type question


I wonder which way is the best to charge my clip+ : 

  1. let it discharge completely (so it turns off while in use), and then recharge it to full (100%)


  1. recharge it to 100% (full) while it’s still operable (say when battery drops to 10% or 20% etc)


  1. some other better/recommended way I can’t think of ATM.

Goals are of course:

  • longest possible operation (max hours possible without recharging)

  • preserving battery life with smallest possible capacity loss over time due to recharging.

And last Q: what type of battery does clip+ have and what capacity? I don’t even know that. That would make the matter more clear, I guess, as to how to approarch charging the device.


Don’t discharge it deeper then you have to. Fully draining a lithium ion battery ages them. Its an ATL battery, 290 mAH.


thanks for the quick and informative reply.

what do you mean specifically by: “ages them”? ok, so I now know it’s Li-ion, but what ATL means? so I shouldn’t discharge them coimpletely? If I don’t use player for a few weeks, at which % best to keep them? 100% would be ok?

I mean they wear out faster. This is ATL: If you want to know about batteries, check google. Theres tons of info.

ok, thanks again, I’ll check.

btw do you know clip+ charge rate per hour (in mAh)?

Lithium batteries don’t charge linearly, so it’ll take a little over an hour to go from discharged to half way, and then another 2 hours to go from half full to full.

alright, I see.

great knowledge and answers, saratoga. I think I now know everything I wanted, but (@everyone): of course please feel free to add anything if you want re this subject :).

thanks again 

You always can check out the information at, a good source for battery info. That site recommends more frequent charges of a non-fully discharged battery of this type.