Clip audiobook folder

Is there any advantage to using the AUDIOBOOK folder. I copied a set of audio chapters there the other day but they do not show up when located there. They work and show fine in the music folder


Look under Audiobiooks on the player GUI for content stored in Audiobooks folder.

If you want to mix music and audiobooks onthe player the folder is quite useful,  in that play all will not include your audiobooks and you can shuffle your music.

Access the audiobooks by navigating to Music>Audiobooks>

Follow up question-- I use windows media, and can’t find the audiobooks folder when the sandisk clip opens on it.   I also would like to put my audiobooks in the audiobooks folder so when i shuffle my songs i don’t get an audiobook chapter. 

Only the PodCast and Audio Book folders allow bookmarking. Don’t put your books into the Music folder if you want to use bookmerks.