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 OK you gurus, I have a problem, I have 6 mp3 discs that have the Bible on it, “just got it” . I seem to be having trouble loading it on the clip+ , windows med player don’t load them , so my question is??? how do I get them in the clip+ ? I have tried other players but they don’t work either. tell me if you can …and thanks in advance----

Are you sure the format of the files on the discs are .mp3 and not the normal .cda? The only way they would be .mp3 is if you or someone else “ripped” them to this format and then copied them to a disc. If it’s a commercial disc set, the format would be .cda and you would have to do the ripping (or converting) process in order to make them a readable format like .mp3.

Once they’re converted and stored (usually in your My Music folder), you can simply drag & drop (or copy & paste) them from your computer to the Music folder on your player. No WMP or syncing necessary.

Be aware though  . . . we’ve had numerous people here doing the same thing; putting audio files of the Bible onto their players. One thing that’s almost guaranteed; you’re going to have to edit/correct the ID3 tags of the files in order to get them to play in the proper succession. ID3 tags are information embedded in the files that the player reads in order to get and display the track info (Artist, Album, Track Name & Number, etc.).

Use the Search box here (searching in all player boards) and simply type in Bible and you should be rewarded with a plethora of discussions, tips and/or tricks on getting it to work properly. :wink:

Thanks Tapeworm, they are a comm. set. they are already in mp3 format. I’ll look in the place you said.

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Thanks Tapeworm, they are a comm. set. they are already in mp3 format. I’ll look in the place you said.

I’ve never heard of this but OK, if you say so.

If the ID3 tags for the files are not filled in correctly so that they load up in correct order for playback, a free, good ID3 tag editor:  MP3Tag.

Load the Bible CD into your PC’s tray, and have a look at the files using Windows Explorer.  With a bit of luck, you may find that the publisher has tagged the files properly, but the tag metadata may be in a format that Windows Media Player does not like.

The program (utility) above, MP3Tag , will be quite helpful.  Download and install it on your PC.

Windows Media Player uses ID3 v2.3 ISO8859-I (Latin-I) format by default.  This format is also preferred by the Sansa.  Using MP3Tag, you can have a look at the embedded ID3 tags in those mp3 files.  To work with the files on that CD, transfer a group of them to your computer for editing.  The first few ones can simply be transferred to the desktop, a convenient place to keep them separated.

MP3Tag can write new tags in the above format.  Look at one of the originals, and set MP3Tag to output the file in the version 2.3 format.  Then transfer it to your music library, and see if Windows Media Player is now able to locate and play it.  The edited files can be done as a big batch by MP3Tag.

The Clip+ can also play the file if it’s indeed mp3, you won’t see it on the player if the tag data is of the wrong format.  There’s a trick here as well, go to Music > Folders on the player and find the Bible track via its filename, and see if it plays.

It will take a little experimenting, of course.  Transfer a single bible audio file to the player via drag-and-drop, using Windows Explorer.  It might be available listed as simply “unknown” on the player if you try to find it via Music > Songs. The player lists the file as “unknown” if the tag data is missing.

As soon as you know that the file will play, it will then be a matter of tagging the files properly for locating on the Clip.

There are many utilities out there to inspect the audio file itself for its codec, or the algorithm used to compress the file.  One that comes to mind is mediainfo.  With this installed utility, the codec and other data appear as soon as the mouse is waved over the file, or via a right click.

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Problem solved, BUT, it loaded the verses like in song order, not in audiobooks, -----THANKS GURUS-----