Clip 8GB switching On and OFF and the reset did not work


I have an 8gb sansa clip. It is 2 months out of warrenty. When I switch it on it immediately switches off. I have noticed that it intermittently switches itself on and off while on the kitchen table.

I have tried the “reset”, holding the on (slide) button in the ‘ON’ position for 30+ secs but its still the same.

I have tried to connedt it to a pc but it will switch itself off again, so I cannot reformat it or work with it in any way.

The battery is 3/4 charged. It was fully charged before this issue.

Is it dead???

Solved the problem.

Basically I left it to drain the battery. I plugged it into my PC and it recognized it straight away. Looked in the root folder and there were about 20 funny looking files with unusual name tags (such as letters)

I let it charge up for a while and reformatted it using the settings on the clip. This deleted all the music. I am currently using it for the radio and it has been working perfectly with no problems. I will add music next week and see how that goes.

I was wondering if charging it through a USB plug instead of the PC may have caused the problem or was it a corrupt music file?

Glad to have it back…

Anyway hope this helps someone out there…

Good to hear!  It seems that a discharge sometimes can fix matters.

As to using AC to charge the Clip, I haven’t had a problem with that–that’s how I usually charge.