[CLIP+ 8GB] Nothing happens at all


I bought yesterday a Sansa Clip+. I strictly followed the instructions after oppening the package.

When I connect it to my computer, windows XP SP3, it tells me that it’s not recognized.

When I press the power on button of the Sansanothing happens.

Well, in fact, nothing works…

Would you have any idea of something I could try ?

Thanks !

Hold the power on button down for 30 seconds. Release it and try turning it on again. If it resets and powers up, turn it off when connecting to the computer and let the USB power turn it on when connecting.

Sorry but it do not work…

I think the Sansa don’t have any power left. And I can’t even charge it !

Another clue : when I connect if it’s sometime seen as an unformated USB key.

Any idea ?

Does the Clip+ turn on at all?  If so, can you go to its Settings and set USB mode to MSC, and then try connecting? 

No, it does not even turn on…

But now, the problem is solve : I changed it at the store I bought it !

The new one seems to work perfectly.

Thanks for yor help !

Glad to hear that!