Clip+ 8gb hangs at cloverleaf on switch on with card inserted

I’ve got an 8gb Clip+ with a microSD 8gb card in. 

It works fine, but when I switch off the device and go to use it the next time (hours later usually), when I switch it on, it hangs at the cloverleaf symbol (I’ve left it for 10 mins).

If I reset it (power button for x seconds), the same happens on switch on.  If I reset it again, take the card out, then put it back in again, then switch on, it searches the media, and comes back to life and works fine.

I’ve done a chkdsk on the media, removed all the files, reformatted it, put them back.  Checked all the ID3 tags, removed embedded artwork, comments, other crap, leaving only the album/album artist/track#/track name an still I get the same problem.  It’s a PNY class 2 card if that helps.

Anyone have any ideas why this keep happening and how to fix it?

Try a SanDisk card?

Cheaper (PNY) doesn’t always equate to a better value. :wink: