Clip 4GB revision 1 freezes at welcome screen

I have a Clip 4GB revision 1, firmware 01.01.30. Upon attempting to upgrade to 01.01.32 using the Firmware Updater, I got an error message saying that the upgrade failed. I then tried to upgrade manually, but I got a message saying that wasn’t possible.

After that, the Clip has been impossible to start, and instead freezes at the welcome screen. Connecting to a computer reveals that all the data in the internal memory has disappeared, instead showing weird “empty” files. Upon disconnecting, the Clip freezes at the “disconnected” screen.

Resetting the drive is of course useless, updating the firmware cannot be done, and formatting the internal memory is of no avail. It is for these reasons that I have registered to these forums, searching for a solution to my problem. Any help would be most appreciated.

Message Edited by isaho on 07-03-2009 04:39 AM

And so, can you connect to your computer anymore, to try to manually update the fiirmware?  If not, try to force an MSC mode connection:  Clip off and on hold, hold the center button down while you connect the USB cable between the Clip and computer.  And then try to update manually.

If that doesn’t work, you may need to call SanDisk for help/a replacement …