Clip 4GB on sale at Costco - $60

My local Costco has a display of Sansa Clip 4gb take-card-to-register-to-get-player thingies, and the price is $59.99 (regular price minus $20 rebate).  Price and availability may vary by your location.

So glad to see Costco has finally tossed aside the policy it seems to have had for a few years of only offering iPods.  Before the iPod existed (I got my Rio S35 there long ago) they carried a few brands and models of MP3 players, then when that shiny thing came along… nothing else.

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I picked up 2 e260’s fom Costco about a year and a half ago. One was a Christmas present for someone else; after I saw it, I went back and bought another for an after-Christmas present for me. :wink:

Lately though, I haven’t seen any Sansas there, not even on I have picked up MicroSD cards there though. I even got a $10 gift card sent to me by Costco because after I bought one of the cards, they lowered their price on it by 10 bucks. I didn’t even know about it until I got the card in the mail. Sweet!

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This offer was still in effect, last time I was in there (Sept 30). I wonder if this is a sell-off in preparation for the 8gb model? :smiley: