Clip 4GB A/C Wall Charger Available?

@dgb52 wrote:
i use the charger for my motorola phone , and it works fine

Maybe it’s something about the Q.  Which Motorola phone do you have?  What’s the output of the original phone charger?

For whatever it’s worth, people have posted that their Razr chargers work fine with the Clip.

My Q charger works with the Clip too.  But I can’t figure out why other chargers (both with output of 1000 MA) which work with the Clip won’t work with the Q.

From what I’ve read here it appears that the Clip manages the power output to what it needs so you can use anything with at least 200 MA.  Wouldn’t the same hold true for the Q?  That is, since the original Q charger is 800 or 850 MA shouldn’t a charger providing at least 800 or 850 MA do the trick with the Q?

I know it’s off topic a bit but any help would be appreciated.