Clip+ 4 GB giving me fits

I have a Clip+ with issues.  It always worked fine.  Then it became completely unresponsive to the power button or connection to computer (Windows XP).  After many cycles of pressing power for 30+ seconds it finally would be recognized by the computer if I pressed the center button while plugging in in.

I’ve tried updating firmware several times using the updater utility.  It typically (but not always) completes the download fine and tells me to disconnect to complete the process.  When I disconnect, it always hangs.  Either it just says “Disconnected” or it freezes showing some other part of the display.  Then I have to hold down the power button for 20 - 30 seconds to shut it off, and another 30 seconds to reset it, otherwise it won’t reconnect to computer.

Over a couple of days of trying this, it has gotten somewhat more responsive.  Once I was able to access the device menus and I reformatted the internal memory.  That appeared to be successful.  However, it still won’t update firmware or even turn on reliably.

Anything else I can try?

Update:  I ran the Windows disk error checking utilities (nothing wrong was reported) and finally was able to update the firmware such that it displayed “updating firmware” and “refreshing media” steps.  But then it hung on the next step when trying to select the language.  Now the firmware updater utility is again saying the firmware isn’t up to date, so I guess my update didn’t actually take… :confounded:

Finally, apparent success on the firmware update.  At least, the updater no longer thinks I need to update it.  

But the device still doesn’t work.

No need to use the Updater–refer to the firmware sticky thread at the top of this forum to manually apply the firmware/a firmware update.  I wonder if manually reapplying the latest firmware might help, in case there was an Updater glitch of some type.

It appears that the firmware update was finally successful.  I would know for sure if I could get into the player menus to check what firmware version it reports.

When I was repeatedly trying to update the firmware, I tried both the utility and manually.  With both methods, it mostly seemed to work until I disconnected the USB cable.  The player always hung instead of completing the update, and when I reconnected it always told me there was a firmware update available.

Even after update, the player is not working stabily.  It generally powers on, but I haven’t been able to do anything much with it before it hangs and I have to force it off by holding the power button for 30 seconds.

It’s charging right now.  I’ll try checking again later for the firmware version the player reports.

EDIT:  I just checked (forgot that everything is accessible when charging from a charger rather than a computer).  Firmware is V01.02.18A, so I’m finally good on firmware.  What else can I try, if anything?