Clip 2GB stutters playing 48kHz mp3 - is this a faulty Clip?


I was really impressed with my new clip, until I downloaded some radio programmes, and after listening for a while I could hear occasional pops in the background. I then found that if I fast-forwarded and back a few times, then played, it got worse. It was only on programmes from one source, and after much fiddling about I realised it was the only source with 48kHz sampled mp3’s. If I convert them to another sample rate, they played cleanly. I then found a 48kHz download from a different site, and that also pops and stutters.

The firmware version was 01.01.18, so I upgraded to the latest using the Sansa Updater (to 01.01.32), and that has made it much worse! Before I had to listen carefully for the problem, but now it is terrible.

I have checked 22,32 and 44kHz and they are all ok, it is just 48.

Have any of you Sansa experts got any ideas? Should I return it and try another one? I have searched the forum and no-one seems to have reported this.



I guess no-one has noticed this problem with the clip. I wasn’t sure if mine was faulty, so I borrowed a friend’s 4GB clip and it is exactly the same. On firmware 1.01.29 the stuttering is very intermittent and hardly noticeable, but upgrading to 1.01.32 makes it much worse. The spec says it should be able to play 48kHz sampled mp3, but it most certainly doesn’t! Are 48kHz recordings so rare that no-one listens to them?



As a workaround,  try setting the custom equalizer on.  Adjust any of the 5 bands off the midpoint setting.

Well, that is bizarre! Whatever made you suggest that? It does work though! The other factor I have found that affects it is if the display is on or not. While the display is showing, there is no stuttering, but as soon as it goes blank the stuttering starts, if the eq isn’t offset.

So presumably that’s another set of oddities to add to a bug fix list?

Thanks very much for your reply - it is an entirely acceptable work-around.