clip 2GB screen freezes at refresh database


I bought a new clip 2GB a day ago. Having copied songs to the music folder, I removed the device safely and it showed me the refresh databse screen.

However, after about 80% completion, the screen freezed and has not been responding since. I have left my clip switched on since then.

Please help me to resolve this issue.

(A very sad Sansa customer.)

 There is likely a particular file that is causeing the problem.

Newer firmware has improved the handling of these files,  so you will want to upgrade to the latest.

Press the power button up for 20 seconds till the device turns off.

Next,  connect the device directly to the computer without powering it on,  the device will power up.

You can navigate to the content and start removing folders to find the file that is causing the problem.


You can format the unit and then apply the firmware and start tranferring from scratch.

Hey man,

Thanks a million tons ! 

I can’t tell you how much relieved I feel after this solution.

I love Sansa.  :slight_smile: