Cleaning my Fuze

Anyway to getting rid of the fuzzies that have ended up under my screen?

Only by prying the casing apart and cleaning the inside of the screen portion of the front plate cover. And of course you risk scratching it, and/or it not fitting together as tightly as it originally did when you re-assemble it.

The ‘fuzzies’ find a wide-open door with a large Welcome sign above it in the connector port on the bottom of the player. It would be nice if SanDisk included a little rubber floppy cover to shut this door and keep un-wanted lint & dust-bunnies outside. My 10 year old Samsung cell phone has this. It would be a nice touch on the Fuze.

Of Course, that doesn’t appeal at all, to pry it apart.

That’s interesting how it got under there.  Have you tried using a can of air spray, like for a computer?  Maybe it will get beneath the screen…

Then you might want to consider getting a crystal clear snap on case to help protect it further.