classic clip rewind failure

I use my classic (non+) clip for audiobooks when walking, and the most important button is rewind. Outdoor noises mask some words, and you have to back up to get it right. Recently that button (half the time) advances to the end of the chapter, then starts backing from there.

Is that a death rattle for the device, or is there some workaround? Advancing is disasterous and I am liable to be hit by a car while I fuss and try to find my place again. Should I dose the thing with wd-40, or maybe do the rewind some other way? Pausing it first seems to trigger the advance also.

One solution is to migrate to a clip+, which I did. But there I ran into that stupid unrecognized-device nonsense with windows 8. A workaround is buried beyond the first page of this forum area, and even suffered a lot of pushback… why isn’t it highlighted as a sticky topic? Anyway I stuck in a 32gb card and now I hate to risk taking it outside… I wish I could get my classic clip working, at least for walking during rainy days.

It could be possible that the issue is just on the single audiobook file alone. Have you tried another files?

The rewind function is a “fail” on the Clip+ and Clip Zip, too.  You can’t rewind past the beginning of an audiobook track - you’ll get hit by a car messing with those, too. (You have to navigate to the previous track and then fast forward to get to the desired spot.) When I upgraded to the Clip+, I couldn’t believe they changed the rewind behavior - and then again, that they didn’t *fix* it on the ClipZip. I believe it’s a well-documented complaint.

I still use & love my Clip+ and ClipZip, but I really miss the classic Clip rewind behavior for books. 

If it’s not just the current book, I would try to manually reinstall the firmware in case something has become corrupt. That’s good to do periodically anyway. There’s a sticky for that.

Thanks, but no, no… I am talking about previously working features that I have been using for years on the same device. I may have worn out the button contacts so they are sending a strange signal.

It’s just the basic thing of being in the middle of an audiobook and needing to back up a few words. Hitting reverse or even pause shoots me forward to the end of the chapter, which is the most disasterous thing and not even a published feature of any button. It fails intermittantly about a third of the time, and does not seem to be a “fat finger” error of pushing the wrong or 2 buttons.

I do wish there was an optional lock to prevent any jumping forward of audiobooks, even sacrificing doing it intentionally. This is because finding your place again is excruciating… one audiobook I have is dozens of hours in one long stretch. You do want easy ability to back up.