class 10 memory card for coolpix 5600???

greetings … i tried the compatibility thread, but my camera wasn’t listed there (nikon coolpix 5600).  i bought a class 10 memory card (a different brand), & my camera wouldn’t accept it.  i wrote to nikon & they only list sandisk 256 mb, high speed type of 10 mb as compatible, but i can’t seem to find it for sale anywhere … so thought i’d try here, to see if anyone knows of any other sandisk class 10 memory cards that might fit my camera … thanks, in advance, for any input you can offer … :slight_smile:


if you have an official statement from Nikon that you can use a card up to 256MB then you shall go along with that and use one of these cards. unfortunatelly these are very old cards and im not sure if you still can find some on sale.

thank you for your input.