Circuit City/Napster Coupon in my new sandisk player.

I received a new Sandisk fro Christmas. Yet when I use the coupon that came with it Circuit City has removed the links to receive the “1 month Free + 5 Free Tracks” Is Sandisk, Circuit City or Napster going to honor this coupon?

Is this an announcement or a question? This is the Announcements board, after all.

Have you tried signing up at the Napster site to redeem the coupon? Circuit City just announced yesterday they are officially going out of business. Will be gone by March.

And I doubt that SanDisk will honor a promotion sponsored by Circuit City. They just provided the distribution medium for the coupon so are therefore not liable.

For those interested, Rhapsody is offering a 30 Day Free Trial.  The Sansa is a Rhapsody-compatible device.  Rhapsody gives you access to thousands of artists, without having to purchase individual tracks.  Check it out!