Cip Sport- Not Returning to Correct File in Folder if I Have Listened to Podcasts in another folder

Hi - I am a fan of the original fuze.  Oh how I wish those could still be purchased easily.   I’ve been buying them on ebay and am running into issue with player quality now so I have resorted to purchasing the latest player.  I have downloaded the latest firmware for the sport.

I listen to lots of podcasts.   I usually have as many as 10 folders for various podcasts I download with multiple podcasts in each folder.  I move from folder to folder depending on what I would like to listen to.  I find that returning to a folder where I had a podcast in play previously, it just takes me to the top of the list in that folder instead of remembering which file to return to w/ in the folder.   The fuze never did this.  This is pretty much a deal breaker for me 'cause I load up my player and will have several episodes of multiple podcasts I listen to.  I have to tab thru all the files until I find the one that is “in play”.  Luckily it does bookmark so I am able to returned to where I left off successfully.  Is this a bug on this player?  Is there something set up incorrectly?  Will this be corrected in a later firmware?


I agree. This is an issue with the Clip Sport. Unfortunately it’s unlikely that Sandisk will continue to improve this player or add any new features to it. It is what it is.

A “rockboxed” Clip+ however has the bookmark abilities you are looking for and might be worth checking out as an alternative. It lacks a color display though.